EV Bootcamp

Bespoke and tailored to independent garages. Unique training to enable you to service, maintain and fix broken EVs.

EV Bootcamp

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28th October - 1st November

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EV Bootcamp content

The EV Bootcamp is different to all other EV Training:

* It is based in a fully equipped specialist EV Workshop.

* We use road going EV cars and real fault situations for the training course.

* You will get deep into the hybrid and electric vehicles we provide to the course.

* Your instructors are either dealer trained or independent master technicians who are still fixing cars. So, they will pass their knowledge and experience on to you.

* All of the assignments and assessments are workshop based practical jobs, which you will be fully coached on how to perform.

This independently certified, intensive, week-long EV bootcamp will bring you up to speed with this exciting technology and equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a wide range of service, diagnostic and repairs to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Successful completion of the EV bootcamp, practical tasks and assessments of work and will lead to qualification at the highest IMI for electric vehicles.

EV Bootcamp
EV Bootcamp

What you'll learn on the EV Bootcamp

  • Be able to work safely on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.


  • Know Hybrid and Electric Vehicles operating concepts and working fundamentals.


  • Use a range of tools on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles systems and components.


  • Carry out Hybrid and Electric Vehicles system repairs.


  • Gain a deep understanding of motors, generators and inverters, including test, measurement and diagnosis.


  • Vehicle information coverage typically for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, VW Group, Kia/Hyundai & Tesla.
  • Remove and refit safe and live Hybrid and Electric Vehicles components.


  • Understand charging infrastructure and vehicle charging systems (including charge cables).


  • Test and diagnose Hybrid and Electric Vehicles systems.


  • Diagnose and repair battery and battery management systems (BMS) faults.


  • Diagnose Faulty Hybrid and Electric Vehicles components.


  • Understand fault setting criteria, common faults (and codes) and how to perform data analysis to resolve complex faults.

IMI Accredited

This training forms part of the Nationally Recognised Electric Vehicle standard. Participants practical skills, knowledge and understanding are formally assessed during the course.

Upon successful completion of the EV Bootcamp, participants will achieve the Latest IMI EV Level 2, EV  Level 3 and EV Level 4 qualification by the end of the course, subject to successful attainment of the course objectives.


It is anticipated that Level 3 will the minimum requirement in the future. Best practice dictates that each technical staff member should be qualified to at least level 2 (service technician). Diagnostic technicians should be qualified to electric level 3 (for fault diagnosis and removal, test and refit of high voltage systems) and the senior technician/foreman master technician should be qualified to level 4. There may duty of care implications  or liabilities for business owners if adequate Electric Vehicle training isn’t provided for employees.

Successful completion of the EV Bootcamp will result in the achievement of IMI EV Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

The world's first 100% practical EV level 4 course - covered on the EV Bootcamp