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Master Technician

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Diagnostic Technician

Technical Training

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Adblue and NOx reduction systems Diagnostics


Diagnostics in the Golden Hour

Diagnostics in the Golden Hour

Diagnostic Bootcamp

Diagnostic Bootcamp

Oscilloscope Training Course

Oscilloscope Masterclass

Garage Business

Service Advisor Training The Road To Technical

Road to Technical Service Advisor

The Highly Effective Service Advisor Training

Highly Effective Service Advisor

Garage Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Dealer Diagnostic Training

Diagbox Servicebox Training Stellantis


Electric Vehicle Training

EV Bootcamp

EV Bootcamp

BMW ISTA training course


EV L4 Training Course


EV Diagnostics Masterclass

EV Diagnostic Masterclass

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle


ADAS Training

ADAS Accredited Training


ADAS Train the Trainer

ADAS Train the Trainer

EV L4 Training Course

ADAS Reaccreditation


Our passion is enabling technicians to be the best that they can be, through the very best quality technical training, support and knowledge and skills development. We operate from a state-of-the-art skills centre in Bridgwater, Somerset which is equipped with late model vehicles and a vast range of leading tools and equipment.


The company is led by aftermarket technical expert James Dillon. He is supported by a team of technical, training and diagnostic experts who have been delivering technical automotive training courses for technicians for many years. The business was first established in 1989 by James Dillon.


At TTHQ, our core goal is to inspire technicians in their learning journey and to fuel the fire of their devotion to automotive. Training is about more than learning some useful stuff (although that’s great too). It’s about fundamentally changing mindsets to see challenges in a different way and aiding techs in the journey to automotive excellence.


Our team is happy to answer any question or query you may have. Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.